Name: Business IP PBX

Model: VX200 Series IP PBX

 VX200 Pro 120-216 Users
IP-PBX Exchange, Capacity 216 Extension Lines  

The VX200 are All-in-One telephone system for small and mid-size offices, home offices and branch offices. It 
provides connectivity to not only POTS and analog extensions, but also IP based SIP trunks and SIP terminals 
as well. Using VoIP it allows intercom calls from one location to another over internet or VPN, and it also allows 
for the systems connected to service providers through IP network. Depending on configuration, VX200 
supports from 24 to 96 local extensions, up to 120 SIP terminals as remote extensions Designed with a 1U high 
and 19-U wide compact chassis with swappable modular structure of interfaces, VX200 can be scalable to have 
an expansion chassis which holds two interface cards. The interface card of VX200 use RJ45 sockets and they 
are connected to the distribution panel of equipment room using a CAT-5 Ethernet cable to offer flexible user 
interface configuration.