Name: IP Based PABX Main Exchange

Model: KX-TDE 600

 Support small to large communication system.
 Up to maximum 992 (with DXDP 1152) Extensions
 Built-in support for Advanced IP extensions as well as standard SIP phones.
 Easy Migration to IP
 Upgrade from KX-TDA to KX-TDE, simply by exchanging the Main Processor Card.
 SIP trunking
 Integrated SIP telephony via ITSPs* and other SIP trunk Providers.
 Panasonic Phone Assistant CTI software with TDE600.
 It is a high intuitive PC Based application suit that blend powerful
 point and click telephony.
 Wireless Mobility Solutions.
 TDE support KX-TCAseries for DECT, KX-TDseries for 2.4GHz.
 Built-in and Optional Voice Mail Processing system