Name: Exposed bolt lock

Model: LOCK-HM-K29

LOCK-HM-K29 - Exposed bolt lock

LOCK-HM-K29 Datasheet
Open door by power off
Power Requirement:120VDC±10%
Current:180mA (MAX)
Protruding latch delay time: 25~5min(selectable)
Dry contact of lock release: Gray-COM;Violet-NC;White-NO
Dry contact of lock: Gray-COM;Violet-NC;White-NO
Position: Installation: on top of the door / side of the door
Self-detecting: Green and Blue NC contact
Contact requirement: DC12V/30mA
Operating temperature: 0˚C~55ºC
Dimension: 120 x 46 x 36;106 x 27 x 36
Weight: 512 g.