Name: License Plate Recognition Software

Model: GV-LPR

 @ Control up to 255 GV-DVR LPR and / or GV-DSP LPR
@ Up to 100,000 vehicles
@ Multiple vehicles per user
@ Import / export of vehicle data in Access or Excel file format
@ Vehicle hotlist to help locate stolen vehicles or other vehicles of interest
@ Parking lot management to control vehicle access, maximum stay time allowed and number of vehicles allowed
@ GV-Access mobile applications to remotely open LPR lanes
@ GV-ASWeb: Remotely enroll vehicles and set up GV-DVR LPR or GV-DSP LPR on GV-ASManager
@ GV-ASWeb: Remotely search detected vehicles, see license plate snapshots, watch recordings from
 connected GV-DVR LPR or GV-DSP LPR
@ Languages supported: English, French, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish