Name: Video Analytics Solution

Model: GV-Web Report

 Support for up to 1000 units of GV‐3D People Counters, GV‐Systems and GV‐Smart Boxes
 People counting results from GV‐3D People Counter, GV‐System, and GV‐Smart Boxes.
 Face counting results and snapshots from GV‐Systems and GV‐Smart Boxes.
 Vehicle counting results based on different object sizes from GV‐Smart Boxes
 Real‐time, daily, monthly, yearly counting reports and graphs
 E‐mail notification and I/O trigger when the number of people remaining exceeds the specified maximum
 Counting results query from iPhone, iPad and other Android‐based mobile devices
 Grouping function to combine desired devices’ cameras for data analysis
 Remote playback of recordings from GV‐Systems
 4 languages supported: English, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese