Name: 4/8/16CH 960H Mini 1U Standalone DVR

Model: DH-DVR5104/5108/5116H

 • Up to 4/8/16 cameras with 1080p realtime preview
• H.264 dual-stream video compression
• DVR5104H-V2/5108H/5116H: All channel 960H realtime recording
• HDMI/VGA/TV simultaneous video output
• 4/8/16 channel synchronous realtime playback, GRID interface & smart search
• 3D intelligent positioning with Dahua PTZ dome camera
• Support 1 SATA HDD up to 4TB, 2 USB2.0
• Multiple network monitoring: Web viewer, CMS(DSS/Smart PSS)&Smart; Phone(DMSS)