Name: Hotel Bathroom Phone

Model: VI 1000

The model VI1000 IP Phone addresses that segment of the market that requires an economical 
 entry-level IP desktop device while taking advantage of the cost savings of a converged network
 infrastructure. VI1000 is a single line SIP phonel and is designed for users requiring access to 
 basic telephony and messaging services. Working behind the SIP server or IP PBX, this IP phone
 is an ideal “point of sale” phone for the hospitality market as hotel bathroom phone or lobby phone.

    ● Support SIP 2.0 (RFC3261)
    ● 1 SIP lines
    ● Redundancy sip server capable
    ● Hotline
    ● Call Forward、Call transfer、Call hold、Call waiting
    ● 3-way Talking、Pickup、Join call、Redial、Unredial
    ● Call Park、vport、click to dial
    ● DND(Do Not Disturb)
    ● Black List,Limit List
    ● E.164 dial plan and customized dial rules